We have been in business for over 20 years, supplying the most adequate solutions for all kinds of communication: audio and video production for adverts, films, TV, radio, tutorials, audio guides, soundtracks, voice-overs and dubbing in Italian and a number of different languages; copy adaptation and translation, are but some of the services we provide.

“All Inclusive”: that’s how we like to define our services, from the creative brief, all the way to the final delivery of the finished product, we follow the project through every step, putting the client first, in order to provide an effective and engaging experience.

We have created a unique facility, personally selecting professionals active on the Italian market to offer translations, copy adaptation and voice recording in 35 different languages (over 50 idioms including the different variations that exist for each language).

It’s thanks to our enthusiasm and to the quality we are known for by our clients, that we transform sounds and images into moments of true communication that go “straight to the point”.

Services and equipment

We value our clients’ projects providing solid and professional solutions at every step of the production process.



Do you need a native Russian speaker? Do you need to translate a film in Chinese, or contact an Arabic client? Or more simply you need an Italian voice but don’t know where to get one? Enter our world of voices!


SPEAKAPP is the first AND ONLY App making it possible for you to easily select the voice most suited to your needs and to verify with us the availability of the most appropriate speaker.

We will contact you asap to define your project with you.

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Case Study

All our clients are important and all our projects are equally valued by us.
Still, we would like to show you a little more of a few of them.
Here they are.


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  • ODLvideo


April 3rd, 2016|0 Comments

For more then 40 years, ODL took care of design, development and production of components and systems for beer, soft drink, wine mineral water, tea and coffee distributing machinery.

Innovation and Made in Italy stated ODL as one of the more […]

  • DuoPro

HOMEDICS DUO PRO – A voice for the beauty

March 9th, 2016|0 Comments

Duo Pro is the device dedicate to the Intense Pulsed Light epilation that offers two features in just one device: the permanent reduction of body hair, and the face’s skin photo-rejuvenation.

It’s sold by HoMedics, a market leader US Company which […]

  • Galbusera

TC Rec and Extra: a strengthened partnership for Galbusera.

March 1st, 2016|0 Comments

Galbusera is a leader company on the health side of bakery products in Italy, an organization conducted by a five generations experience, believing in goodness and genuineness of his products.

Since 1938, the activity of Galbusera’s family is driven by some essential […]

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TC Rec is in Corso Orbassano 224, int. 20, Torino

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Telefono: 011 35 05 54
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Skype: tcrec_torino

Are you in the business?

We are always looking for new voices, new faces and new collaborators for our clients.
Write to talentscout@tcrec.com, send your CV, a photo and, for voice artists, a short MP3 demo no longer than 200 seconds.
If you fit the bill we will get back to you for a complete demo.