Galbusera is a leader company on the health side of bakery products in Italy, an organization conducted by a five generations experience, believing in goodness and genuineness of his products.

Since 1938, the activity of Galbusera’s family is driven by some essential values. First of all, the attention to the nutritional needs of their customers, the quality of raw materials, to the food security and to the productive standards. Second value is the respect: for whom have confidence in their products, and for the taste of customers. Last but not least, the openness, because not only Galbusera can show the widest transparency on the whole production process, but they consider this as a pride.

From these important milestones, Galbusera created their products, including the VitaGì line, enriched with zinc, potassium and magnesium.

To distribute this new line, and as a sales force support tool, Exta – Smart Business Ideas, agency in Milan, created a short video that features a basic design, almost a “back to the roots”, and to healthier tastes mood, to share complex ideas in the most suitable way.

Thanks to the existent partnership between the companies, and by virtue of complementary services and products, TC Rec has been called to create the video sound design, including soundtrack and voice track. Here below you can find a short extract of the original version.

This is only one of the examples that represents at best the cooperation between TC Rec and Extra, which can, thanks to the teamwork, offer a wide array of high quality services: from content creations, to video production and sound design for all kind of communication products, tailored on customers’ needs.