They say we learn from our mistakes. But acknowledging mistakes our own mistakes and move on is never easy. In Italy there is a place where you can learn to turn a mistake into an opportunity for personal growth.

‘In order to win, dare to lose’, is the motto of this school, the Play Res School of Mistakes. A place where  the subjects are Overcoming mistakes, Evaluating mistakes, and Analyzing mistakes from differents point of view. The school is aimed at children and youngsters aged 10 to 18, but it is also open to teachers and parents, and is completely free.

We loved this project so much that we decide to give it our voice. Tc Rec provided the sound design for this unique school’s promotional video. The video, disigned by renowned italian illustrator and cartounist Jacopo Zillotto, examines the dynamics behind mistakes and their educational potential, in an easy, fun way.