His masterpiece has been translated in 30 languages, with different names: Fiance, Prometidos Esposos, Die Verlobten, and Bethroted reached many countries. But Alessandro Manzoni, the author of the famous novel, was born in Milan, Italy.

He lived almost all his life in a house owned by his family in Moroni street, in the centre of Milan. Currently the house is a Museum, called Casa Manzoni.

In this palace, visitors can easily imagine the life and days of the italian novelist thanks to the original furniture, original textes and multimedia installations.

Tc rec was called to create the sound design of one of this multimedia installations giving voice, in english and italian, to some passages written by Alessandro Manzoni in the IX century.

In order to offer a sensorial experience to the visitors we were asked combine voices, sounds and audio effects.

This new job helped us to increase our esperience in cultural and artistic projects.