For more then 40 years, ODL took care of design, development and production of components and systems for beer, soft drink, wine mineral water, tea and coffee distributing machinery.

Innovation and Made in Italy stated ODL as one of the more reliable and expert Business on the market. From planning to production, from assembly to quality control on all final products, everything is ensured by top attention and care, in order to grant effectiveness, long lasting activity and maximum safety.

I-dea System, the latest born at ODL, represents the new generation of beer dispensing systems.

The new smart device interactively manages the dispensing system, and it controls in real time the quantity of served beer, supplying at the same time distributing information, while saving CO2.

A special team got out there, to present the new system: the ODL know-how, the EXTRA –multimedia talents and the TC Rec most expert voices on “business” field.

A team that expressed in the best way the concepts of the new dispensing system – not always easy to be effectively explained to a “non expert” audience – thanks to the matching of images, interaction between actors and 3D drawings and the use of very professional but “friendly” voices.

A very good result came up, that you can see here in the English version.