A cookie is a small amount of data, usually containing a unique and anonymous identification code, which are sent to your browser (the software to navigate on the net) form a web server, and which are later memorized on your hard disk. This cookie is read and recognized from the web site who sent it, everytime you connect again. This ease your recurring visits, and it increase the site benefit at your advantage. For this reason, cookies are importants; furthermore, they make the surfing between different sites faster and immediate.
There are several kind of cookies: from the users’ profiling, to the collection of statistics, until the use of information to send commercial offers and proposals.
At Tc Rec, we only use the cookies known as «technical», that means they are «used only to transmit a communication on an electronic communication network, or strictly used by an information supplier, specifically requested by users or customers».
If you wouldn’t receive these cookies from us, please feel free to let us know, and we’ll cancel them. We’ve to advise you that in this case you won’t be able to surf through our site.
Following our privacy rules, we’ll do our best to store and treat all these information in a proper way, in order to ensure the complete security of your data.




Following the article 13 of italian Law 196/03 about Privacy (here below as Privacy Code) and its further versions, TC Rec owned by Fabio Ardu, here below as Tc Rec, with legal head office based in Turin, Corso Orbassano 224 int. 20, managing the treatment of personal data, gives you the following information:

1. the personal data management will be implemented with automated tools, both IT and manuals, and it will have the following purposes:
a) information and promotion activities;
b) collection on Tc Rec internal data bank

2. you will be able to chose to supply non mandatory data, that will be held by Tc Rec for the purposes above mentioned;

3. the giving of data as mentioned at points a) and b) is necessary and a possible refusal can include the inability to put in place the activiy above described;

4. the giving of data as mentioned at points a) and 2) is discretionary, and a possible refusal can include the impossibility to offer additional services;

5. you can accept invitations and informative and promotional materials from customers and partners of Tc Rec;

6. your data won’t be given to third parties not involved in activities between Tc Rec and partners and/or customers, with different purposes from what above mentioned;

7. all data, including cookies coming from the surfing activity through Tc Rec website, will be stored for the entire period necessary to accomplish all above mentioned purposes;

8. the responsible of technical assistance can learn about your data, only for the purposes above mentioned;

You will be able to contact the Responsible of data management to grant your rights, as mentioned in clause 7 of Privacy Law. You can ask the storage confirmation of your personal data, and/or authorize the Responsible to use them. You will be able to know where your data come from, and why they are stored; you will be able to ask for their cancellation, the transmutation in anonymous data, or the block of all activities concerning your personal information.
All these request can be asked by mail, writing to Tc Rec – Corso Orbassano 224 int. 20, 10137 Torino, to the attention of Mr Fabio Ardu.